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Silver Screen Staycations – Mega Movie Breaks & How Much They Cost

You have to admit, if you could, you would absolutely travel to a real-life movie setting for a holiday. Who wouldn’t want to head off to places like Canto Bight, that far-off coastal location as featured in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, or even Los Angeles circa 2048 as seen in Blade Runner 2049. Well, the folks over at Betway have come up with the ultimate movie mini-breaks from various big-screen blockbusters and have even come up with how much it would cost to visit, if it were possible, of course. Take a look at this awesome silver screen staycations.

The Overlook Hotel – as seen in The Shining – cost to stay:  £2575.37

Keeping things topical for the time of year is this first destination, the infamous Overlook Hotel as seen in The Shining at this week’s big release, Doctor Sleep. ‘You’ll want to stay forever and ever…” says the slogan on the mock-up but frankly, we’re not so sure. The cost to stay was reportedly worked out by looking at the cost to stay at Colorado’s Stanley Hotel, which reportedly was the inspiration for Stephen King’s original novel. Accommodation and daily food costs were taken directly from the hotel website, and travel figures based on flights to Denver and subsequent mountain transfer. Also taken into account were winter sports in insurance fees, and the cost of renting a Snow Cat. Game?

Canto Bight – as seen in Star Wars: The Last Jedi – cost to stay: £219464.25

This one is a bit more costly, well, like 100 times as much as a trip to the Overlook, but you are looking to be taken to a galaxy far, far, away. Canto Bight is described as a golden and glamorous coastal city on the desert planet of Cantonica. Home to the most luxurious casino in the galaxy! Think of it as a Monte Carlo in space. The folks at Betway actually took inspiration from Monte Carlo in Monaco, looking specifically at their five-star hotels. Virgin Galactic was the port of call in terms of getting to this luxury destination as seen in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Wakanda – as seen in Black Panther – cost to stay: £1096.36

If space travel isn’t your thing and you want something a little more affordable, then how about a trip to Wakanda, as featured in Ryan Coogler’s superb MCU movie Black Panther.This one will set you back just over £1000 (per person, of course), but is equally impressive. The cost of looking into this one was a little simpler too, with researchers looking at the real-world equivalent, which was Nairobi, plus a plane in and out, just to make it all that more special.

Los Angeles 20149 – as see in Blade Runner 2049 – cost to stay: £1131.82

Another one which is quite affordable a trip to the futuristic world inhabited by Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford in the superb sci-fi sequel Blade Runner 2049. Naturally, flights in and out of L.A. were looked at, along with food and drink costs, based on modern day Tokyo, to keep in line with the themes of the movie.

Hogsmeade – as seen in Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban – cost to stay: £194

Perfect for anyone of a tight budget comes this little break like the one seen in the third Harry Potter movie ‘Prisoner Of Azkaban’. which can be taken for under £200! Here’s how this one is described: ‘Hogsmeade is a charming, quaint place, with slanted rooftops sprinkled with snow, small thatched cottages, holly wreaths hanging on doors and enchanted candles floating around the buildings. Get out of the cold and visit The Three Broomsticks for a refreshing pint of Butterbear by the fire, or stock up on sweets at Honeydukes before daring yourself to visit the Shrieking Shack – the most haunted home in Britain!’ Betway looked at the Scottish Highlands where Hogwarts and Hogsmeade are based, and food and drink costs were found by converting Harry Potter currency – knuts, sickles and galleons – into pounds. The result is an absolute bargain!

Isla Nublar – as seen in Jurassic Park – cost to stay: £15335.55

The one on the list I would absolutely take, a trip to Isla Nublar as seen in the original Jurassic Park all the way back in 1993. This one is expensive though, as no expense has indeed been spared. You will need: flights in and out of San Jose, then a transfer and a boat. Then there’s an approximate £7000 entry fee (let’s face it, the exhibits are airly unique and worth the price), along with food costs based on Orlando’s Seaworld, and insurance costs based on fees for shark cage diving. Total? Just over £15k. Worth every penny.


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