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5 Of The Best: Gerard Butler Movies

This week, Gerard Butler takes to the big screen once again in the third film in the ‘… Has Fallen’ series with Angel Has Fallen. The film follows the previously released Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen, released in 2013 and 2016 respectively. Those two movies pulled in $170 million and $205 million respectively, a huge return on the studio’s investment. The third film will be hoping to reflect that success in a couple of days’ time.

Ahead of the big release of Angel Has Fallen, we look at 5 of the best Gerard Butler performances in his three-decade-long career.


Arguably the film that secured Butler’s name as a global superstar, 300 was an adaptation of the Frank Miller graphic novel of the same name, swinging into cinemas in 2006. Directed by future Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice helmer Zack Snyder, 300 saw Butler play the role of King Leonidas, the Spartan ruler who led a band of 300 warriors into battle against the Persians at Thermopylae in 480 B.C. The film was a huge success, a visually stunning affair that led to a sequel, 300: Rise Of An Empire eight years later (sadly without Butler).

Olympus Has Fallen

The film that started a hugely successful trilogy was one which went up against the Channing Tatum/ Jamie Foxx actioner White House Down, released in the same year. Olympus Has Fallen came out the victor, its plot centering on secret service agent Mike Banning who was the only man able to save the President of the United States after terrorists took charge of the White House. Also amongst the impressive cast were the likes of Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart who played the role of President Benjamin Asher.


I’m sure there will be a few objectors to this one being given its own spot on this limited list, but Geostorm is pure cinematic popcorn, a modern-day disaster movie, the likes of which that aren’t made all that much anymore. Here, Butler plays the role of Jake Lawson, the creator of a set of satellites, designed to protect the world from climate change, which suddenly start to turn to attack the earth. If you engage your brain just to have a little bit of fun, Geostorm will delight from start to finish.

Den Of Thieves

A surprisingly entertaining action vehicle, Den Of Thieves sees Butler play the role of Nick O’Brien, leader of a hot-shot team based within the LA County Sheriff’s Department who are hunting down a gang of bad guys who are planning a huge heist. The film is written and directed by Christian Gudegast, the man who helmed the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen two years earlier. The film, which featured the acting talents of 50 Cent, O Shea Jackson Jr, and the superb Pablo Schreiber, also has a sequel in development, also from Gudegast who will return to write and direct.

The Vanishing

A smaller movie and a departure for Butler, The Vanishing (previously known as Keepers) is arguably his best feature. Featuring a stellar cast that includes the likes of Peter Mullan, the film revolves around three lightkeepers who disappear on the remote Flannan Isles in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland after they find a trunk full of gold. The film attracted excellent reviews, Butler in particular praised for his performance as James. The film had quite a low-key release but is well worth seeking out as it truly is a hidden gem.

Angel Has Fallen is released in cinemas on 21st August 2019.


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