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All Time Favourite Titles from Movies Stars Who Have Passed On

by THN

It’s always sad when we learn that one of our most beloved movie celebrities has passed onto the hereafter. This is especially true if we have grown up watching them on the big screen, which creates a sense of familiarity in our hearts as we come to love them, follow them on social media and have read about them in our local newspapers. Some of us have even asked our folks for a loan to buy a movie ticket to watch our favourite stars in action. So in remembrance of their greatest moments, we pay a tribute to the greatest legends in film to have left us by listing their all-time famous movies.

Heath Ledger – A Knights Tale

The star passed on as a result of a prescription pill overdose. No one knows for sure whether his feat was suicide or not, and what actually took place remains a mystery to this date. The Hollywood actor was famous for his role as the Joker in Batman, the A Knights Tale and the Crow.

Brittany Murphy – Happy Feet

The voice of one of the characters in Happy Feet was indeed Brittany Murphy. The young actress passed away from Pneumonia suddenly and very unexpectedly. Fans around the world were devastated at the words of her death. Brittany also acted in 8 Mile, Just Married, Girl Interrupted, Sin City and countless other hot movie titles.

Robin Williams -Jumanji

The comedian suffered from depression and that soon became the cause of his demise. Robin Williams was loved by all across the world and many knew his name and friendly smile. The actor filled the lead role in movies which included Bird Cage, Mrs Doubtfire, the Dead Poets Society, Flubber, Good Will Hunting, Happy Feet, Aladdin and Jumanji. It was indeed a tragedy when the world discovered that this brilliant actor took his life.

Paul Walker – Fast and the Furious

This Fast and the Furious actor passed away in a speeding accident with a friend. The rising star was a passenger in a Porsche when his life suddenly came to an end.

Whitney Houston – The Bodyguard

Although Whitney was more famous for her singing career, the star featured in a blockbuster hit, The Bodyguard. Toward the end of the singer and Hollywood star’s career, Whitney Houston suffered from depression and an overdose is what stole her from our world.

Nelson Ellis – True Blood

Nelson Ellis was most famous for his role in the TV series ‘True Blood’, a vampire, ware-wolf and fairy collaboration which was a major US hit. It was truly sad to hear about his death, especially for his fans.

Frank Vincent – Sopranos

The Sapranos actor Frank Vincent had a passion for life and will always be remembered for his outstanding acting in one of the most popular US TV show hits to date. We salute his talent and mourn his death as another famous TV star that left us at the age of 78.

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