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Top Characters Fans Want To See In Valiant Cinematic Universe

by THN

The Valiant Cinematic Universe is about to take over the world of the cinema. The studio is currently filming the Bloodshot movie that stars Vin Diesel. Nonetheless, Valiant Entertainment hasn’t released too many details about the upcoming movies.

DMG Entertainment movies are incredibly successful and we can name a couple of titles such as Iron Man 3, Twilight, and Kick-Ass. Now, DMG Entertainment is directly tied to Valiant Entertainment, after DMG invested a minority stake in it back in 2015. Since January 2018, DMG Entertainment owns 97% of Valiant Entertainment.

According to Sony Productions and Valiant Entertainment announced that there are five films that will be used to “test the waters”. It appears that Bloodshot will be an important film as it will give us an idea about what the rest of the universe has prepared for us. While the fifth movie is currently unknown, the other ones are Shadowman, Harbinger and Harbinger Wars.

We already know that Valiant Entertainment will release rebooted stories from the 2011 launch. Here are a couple of characters that we would want to see in the upcoming movies.

Archer and Armstrong

This duo is a fascinating one, and we would love to see them once again. They are very entertaining and they would add some comedy to the Valiant universe. If you want to learn more about their origins, we can explore their backstory a bit.

Three immortal brothers were born into Mesopotamiam royalty. Armstrong is one of them. The brothers are able to travel through history with the help of an alien device. Armstrong’s brothers, Gilad and Ivar become a scientist, and a hero. Meanwhile, he focuses on parties and philosophy.

The other half of the duo, Archer, is trained by his family to be a warrior. He has strong values and his family respects Christian beliefs. Basically, Archer and Armstrong are polar opposites, and this is what makes their interactions so interesting.


Gilad is Armstrong’s younger brother, and he is just as interesting. He is a warrior and he has the mission of protecting nature on Earth. More than that, this task was given to him by Mother Nature herself. Gilad is immortal and he has to protect the Geomancer, who is the embodiment of nature on Earth.

Gilad is an important Valiant character which means that we should see him become a part of the Valiant Cinematic Universe. In fact, Gilad could even receive his own solo film, as there are plenty of stories to tell about him.

The Immortal Enemy

We don’t see a pure evil villain too often. It appears that The Immortal Enemy exists just to balance Mother Nature. This villain is incredibly terrifying as well, and he can morph into the greatest fears of his rivals. He is literally the embodiment of evil and destruction is his own purpose.


Amanda McKee, also known as Livewire is the first female superhero of color to have her own series. She is a complex character, and we would love to see her on the big screen. Livewire is one of the founders of the Unity team and we have a chance to watch her evolve.

Amanda McKee is adopted by billionaire Toyo Harada, who helps her unlock her powers. She is able to control machines with a thought. Since a Harbinger movie is already in the making, Livewire needs to show up as well. Amanda is one of the first students at the Harbinger Foundation, and she plays a major role in the story.

X-O Manowar

X-O Manowar is one of the most well-known Valiant characters, and he must have his own movies as well. This character was a Visigoth Prince before his camp is captured by aliens. He becomes a slave on the mothership and ends up gaining fantastic powers from a mystical orb. He returns to Earth where 1600 years have passed.


Rai is one of the oldest Valiant characters and he first made an appearance back in 1991. Rai is a machine, and the cyber warrior lives in 4001. He lives in New Japan, where he is a guardian. Rai’s father is an advanced Artificial Intelligence, but his intentions aren’t as good as it seems.

Rai’s movie would allow Valiant Entertainment to take a trip to the future, and we already know that the visuals would be breathtaking, as they would combine cyberpunk with Japanese elements. More than that, the movies could connect events to past ones.

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