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Best Casino-Inspired Movies Ever Created

by THN

There has been no shortage of casino based movies, with the setting providing a backdrop of bright lights, glitz and glamour. Maybe it also has something to do with the charisma of the people there or the thrill of the chase so to speak, all we know is that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


Ah yes the good old cult classic that has seen fans reveling in some of the most expensive action scenes ever created. Because James Bond has been around for nearly a century now, it’s no wonder they constantly have to replace the star.  

Bond is a suave, handsome British secret agent who has a flair for woman, often finding himself in hot water over them, and no I don’t mean the Jacuzzi. Many famous faces have had the opportunity to be called Bond including the likes of Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and the world renowned Sean Connery, All adding their own fresh twist on the gentleman that takes his drinks “shaken not stirred”.

Latest in the line of 007 hunks is Daniel Craig, the first ever blonde Bond by the way, in the first of his three movies as James Bond, Casino Royale is set in a fantastic casino where only the most wealthy are allowed to participate in a winner take all high stakes poker game. We soon find that our beloved Bond should have stayed at home and used an online casino instead as he finds himself fighting for his life once again.

Oceans 11

Oceans 11 boasts an all star cast with some of the most wanted Hollywood heartthrobs. Lead by George Clooney as the mastermind and his close friend played by Brad Pitt this movie follows a group who excel at casino heists, it’s no wonder that we are seeing one online casino after another emerge nowadays, probably to curb all these heists.

With Julia Roberts as the bombshell that drives Clooney crazy, we soon see a flurry of mind altering action and indescribable deception all seamlessly put together by the director who gave an old genre new life making it a cult classic.

The Hangover

An instant classic the world over, incorporating stomach stitching laughter and fun with the good and bad that comes with Las Vegas and its intoxicating nightlife. Set on the dazzling Vegas strip the cast meanders through the neon lights fueled by booze, babes and some less desired narcotics which of course sends them spinning out of control and encountering some unique and crazy situations that put them in hot water with the bride to be.

The cherry on the top was definitely getting to see former heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson belt out a few lines for us with his iconic lisp.


Hands down an instant hit with audiences, this movie follows a young group who all has an affinity for the art of magic looking to be accepted by a world renowned magician cult group.

Taken under the wing of Kevin Spacey in the lead role, who starts the arduous task of teaching the band of misfits how to count cards and perfect the art of deception for his own gain.

Right from the get go, the audience is whisked away into a world of magic, danger and plunged into the bright lights of casino nightlife. Setting up impossible shows that dazzle the globe and performing unexplainable feats of magic, they soon attract the attention of police when they give all the money they have managed to steal to the public, who of course adore them for this.

If it’s faced paced thrills and action you’re after mixed with intense mystery and extravagant cinematography this is one movie you don’t want to miss.

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