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Interview: Directors Ryan Fleck & Anna Boden On ‘Captain Marvel’

by Freda Cooper

She’s harder, faster and most definitely stronger – and she’s on her way. After one of the biggest build-ups in MCU history, Captain Marvel powers her way into cinemas in truly spectacular style this week. Not that we can tell you any more than is in the trailers, such as Brie Larson plays Captain Marvel, Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury seems to have a painting in the attic, and there’s a cute cat. That would spoil the surprises, and there are plenty of those.

Marvel Studios

As MCU first-timers, directors Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden promise a different approach to the genre and talking to THN’s Freda Cooper, they even drop a hint or two as to what the future holds for Marvel’s most powerful super hero of all. They also share some insights into the making the film, especially the influence of movies from the 90s, Robocop in particular. And how come Nick Fury looks so young? We’ll leave that to them to explain …

Watch the interview in full below.

Captain Marvel is released in cinemas on Friday, 8 March.

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