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Which Aquaman Character Are You?

by THN

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Ever since his debut in 1941, Aquaman has been something of a second a string character – not helped along by his portrayal in the 1960’s Super Friends animation as a wholesome if ineffectual character with powers that seemed a bit feeble compared to his peers of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. It’s almost fitting that after years of being the butt of jokes, Aquaman is looking to step out of his allies’ shadow with a movie that will be even better than the ones that came before it! Well, maybe not Wonder Woman, but it’s pretty likely to top Justice League and Batman vs Superman judging by the trailers.

In the new Aquaman movie, Arthur Curry finds himself drawn back to his mothers’ homeland of Atlantis when his half-brother, Orm, is poised to declare war on the surface world for their treatment of the seas. Travelling across the globe with Mera at his side, he gathers Atlantean artefacts to face his brother while being pursued by the relentless Black Manta. Starring Jason Mamoa, Amber Heard, Guy Pierce and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, the movie is directed by James Wan, the mastermind behind the first Insidious movie and Furious 7. While it will be his first superhero movie, his credentials speak for themselves.

But as with most major launches these days, it isn’t just a movie that’s being released – there’s also a slot game to go with it which can soon be found at great sites like bgo casino. In fact, bgo have also put together a short quiz which’ll help you pick out which member of the Aquaman cast you’re the most like by answering a few simple questions. Are you a hero like Aquaman? Are you a self-reliant warrior like Mera? Or are you a villain like Black Manta? Find out by taking the quiz below!

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