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Casino’s Pit-Boss

by THN

A pit boss at a casino is what the specialist is mainly involved in, as well as what is the responsibility of one of the highest paid casino employees, which is not said out loud.

Watching how the pit-boss in a hurry changes cards, simultaneously responding to calls, listening to the scolding of a disgruntled client, throwing a drunk player behind the collar, and also filling a bunch of papers, we can understand that this work requires a lot of skills and a high level of stress tolerance. .

The composition of the casino staff

The whole staff works for the pleasure of the client not only from a prize, but also from time spending in a gambling institution.

  • a manager whose main task is to organize a casino operating system;
  • pit-boss – manager, controlling the process of the game itself;
  • dealer – the person leading the game;
  • inspector supervising the work of the dealer;
  • administrator, whose duties include working with clients;
  • host – an employee who receives visitors and is responsible for the bonuses of a gambling establishment;
  • cashier in charge of cash transactions;
  • a controller who monitors the loading of tokens and the operation of slot machines;
  • a technician whose duties include equipment maintenance;
  • security officers.



Pit-boss responsibilities

Initially, the pit-boss was called the casino director or one of the managers. Today, the pit boss may be responsible for monitoring several board games, managing a dozen tables or several pits (groups of tables), as well as all controllers in the territory of a gambling establishment who oversee games and dealers in these pits. This post is still the most requested vacancy in the casino.

Sometimes workers watching several pitas are called pit-managers. This work presupposes the ability to notice dealers’ mistakes, guarantee the proper course of the game, the correct issuance of winnings and the proper treatment of guests.

Managers are in direct and constant contact with dealers and visitors. The pit boss controls the pitas, including documentation.

Paperwork includes player rating lists, gaming table inventory documents, credit forms, shift reports, MTL– and CTR– documentation, and much more.

Resolution of conflict situations with players

From time to time the disputes occur at the gambling table from the mistakes of players or dealers. In case of disagreement, the pit-boss may be called in as an arbitrator. A deep understanding of the requirements and rules of all board games is the primary duty of the pit-boss. Prolonged disputes may require the presence of the casino director, as well as the regulator or commission to control gambling (Problems with Online Casino Clients).

In addition to managing a gambling establishment, pit-bosses include a huge number of different types of office paperwork.

The paper work

The amount of paper work that needs to be done to manage a large department of desktop casino games is incredibly extensive. This includes scheduling dealerships, changes in shifts, personal weekends, holidays and regular scheduling. Instructions and reviews of the work of dealers and supervisors are standardized, as well as training on interaction with visitors, training, fair game guarantee and paper work, winnings and losses of visitors and tables, as well as the proper procedure for filling all other documentation.

Card fraud, scam and cheating are also included in the curriculum, so managers know what to look for and how to deal with the problem.

It may also be necessary to prepare daily reports for shift supervisors. But non-working paperwork usually does not take much time. The standard eight-hour shift includes 3-4 short breaks; one of them lasts at least half an hour so that the employee can have lunch.

Salary scale

Pit-bosses usually get more than croupiers watching a game, or gambling hall controllers. Since the duties of the pit-boss include the bulk of the above responsibilities, then the payment of such labor starts from $ 24 per hour. Some pit-bosses get a small percentage of the dealer’s tips, regardless of whether the dealer leaves all the tips for himself or shares them equally with other dealers.

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