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A Who’s Who In Hotel Artemis…

by THN

All you need to know about the A-List cast starring in the upcoming unmissable action thriller.

Jodie Foster

After her breakout role as Iris in Taxi Driver (still one of the all-time greatest child performances), Foster went on to win two academy awards for Best Actress in a leading role, including for her fantastic portrayal of FBI trainee Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs. In the 2010s she’s focused more on directing, having directed episodes of acclaimed TV shows Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, and Black Mirror and the bizarre Mel Gibson drama The Beaver, but you may have seen her in the black comedy Carnage or as the villain in Elysium.

Sterling K. Brown

In 2018, Sterling K. Brown made history by becoming the first African American actor to win a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series. With this and the slew of other awards he has won for his turn as Randall Pearson in drama This is Us, 2018 has been a good year for Brown. What you may not know is he has also had a long television career, appearing in shows such as American Crime Story, Person of Interest and Supernatural.

Sofia Boutella

A relative newcomer to the cinematic world, Boutella has a background in dance and demonstrated her skills in music videos – including Madonna’s Hung Up video – for the early part of her career. Since her 2014 role as Gazelle in Kingsman: The Secret Service, her acting work has slowly taken prominence, often taking on roles that require heavy make-up and prosthetics, including Star Trek: Beyond and The Mummy (sure that last film wasn’t very good, but we’d be lying if we said Boutella didn’t look awesome).

Jeff Goldblum

For anyone who feels a particular 90s nostalgia, Jeff Goldblum should be a very recognisable face, having played an array of nerdy but charismatic leads in several classic sci-fi/action films, including Independence Day, Jurassic Park and The Fly. While his profile may have been considerably lower in the 2000s, the late 2010s have embraced him, and he has appeared in Thor: Ragnarok as the colourful Grandmaster, worked with acclaimed indie director Wes Anderson on The Grand Budapest Hotel and Isle of Dogs and most recently reprised his role of Malcolm in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom.

Brian Tyree Henry

Henry might not be a face many people recognise, but he is a highly experienced stage actor, originating the role of ‘The General’ in the critically acclaimed musical The Book of Mormon. More recently he has been starring alongside Donald Glover in the hit FX show Atlanta and he received an Emmy nomination for his guest appearance in This is Us. Definitely an actor to watch out for, you can soon see him in the upcoming Steve McQueen film Widows.

Jenny Slate

If you’re a fan of animation, Jenny Slates voice should be more than familiar to you. A prominent voice actress, Slates has lent her pipes to popular animated shows Big Mouth, Bob’s Burgers and Adventure Time as well as Disney’s Oscar-winning Zootopia. However, if you would like to see Miss Slate in person, we would recommend the charming comedy-drama Obvious Child, or you could wait until comic book movie Venom is released later this year.

Zachary Quinto

First coming to our attention on the small screen as Sylar, the creepy super-powered serial killer who eats brains in Heroes, Quinto has confirmed his status as a geek icon with his portrayal of Spock in the recent Star Trek reboots. It can’t be denied that he is a near dead ringer for the beloved character originally played by the late great Leonard Nimoy. Outside of the Star Trek universe, Quinto has continued to do stellar TV work in American Horror Story and has demonstrated his dramatic chops in 2011 drama Margin Call.

Charlie Day

Day is currently best known as writer and star of the hit sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia; Day plays Charlie Kelly, who it’s safe to say is everyone’s favourite glue sniffing, cat food eating, illiterate pub worker with anger issues (the competition was stiff). While he hasn’t quite achieved the same success on the big screen, he has had a few notable ‘the funniest thing in it’ roles, including Horrible Bosses and Horrible Bosses 2, voicing Benny in The Lego Movie and playing the comic relief Dr Newton Geiszler in monsters vs. robots extravaganza Pacific Rim.

Dave Bautista

Marvel fans will undoubtedly recognise the name, but they may have trouble recognising the face. Bautista most notable film role thus far is Drax, the Guardian of the Galaxy who doesn’t understand sarcasm, but Bautista has also made a name for himself in professional wrestling under the name ‘The Animal’, winning his first championship in 2003 and only going up from there. Die-hard Vin Diesel fans may also recognise him as Diaz from 2013’s Riddick.

HOTEL ARTEMIS is released in UK cinemas on 20th July.

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