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6 Toys That Could Help Make Your Kid Smarter

by David Agnew

With a stroll down the toy aisle at any department store, it seems that the shelves are overflowing with toys of every kind. The good news is there are plenty of toys available that can have a positive impact on a child’s education. These toys will help your child become smarter, they’ll spark your child’s imagination, and challenge them to grow their thinking.

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1. Alphabet Boards

These boards are designed to match alphabet letters to themselves. This is the precursor to reading and an important building block. By introducing this skill very early on, your child will be smarter. With continued exposure to letters, your child will read sooner.

2. Sensory Table

Sensory tables can range from very small boxes to large stand alone tables. They are filled with sensory rich items such as beans, shaving cream, water, rice, pebbles, twigs and more. Sensory tables encourage children to explore and engage all five of their senses. This aids in mental development, cognitive skills and fine motor skills through play. Sensory tables can grow with the child, enabling you to continue to challenge and inspire your child to mental greatness.

3. Strategy Games

Don’t we all love a good game of strategy? Games such as Chess, Checkers, Blokus, Stratego and the like will make your child think. By introducing these type of games into your home early, it will encourage strategic thinking and problem analysis. Spending time with your child as they learn to overcome these strategic problems will enable them to gain invaluable skills that will benefit them the rest of their lives.

4. Magnatiles

Magnatiles are magnetic shapes that snap together magnetically. They are great for the imagination. What start out as individual squares and triangles will soon turn into rocket ship and princess castles. These simplistic toys inspire the most imagination, challenging the brain of any child.

5. Inventor’s Box

Sometimes called a maker’s box or makerspace, this is a great educational toy idea that can grow with the child. It’s a box filled with any type of cool pieces, spare parts, or odd household items. Think of things like the cap off applesauce pouches that looks like a wheel, straws, broken electronics, bottles, plastic-ware, and any other items you may find around the house. This box encourages children to build, make, and create while only using what’s in the box. The possibilities are limitless with this one and it encourages STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) thinking.

6. Geoboard

This is a board with pegs, pins or nails in a grid shape. The toy uses rubber bands to create shapes, letters, and numbers when looped around the pegs. Geoboards are also great for teaching multiplication at a young age and extending math lessons earlier.

Educating your child is important, and it’s valuable to start at a young age. There are many toy guides and inspirational toys available to help your child be smarter. Choose an innovative and educational toy and enjoy stimulating the mind of your child.

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