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Djimon Hounsou Is Set To Play The Wizard In ‘Shazam!’

by Paul Heath

Djimon Hounsou has landed the role of The Wizard in DC’s Shazam! movie. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Hounsou will join the already cast Zachary Levi and Angel Asher in the movie, which is due in cinemas next year.

Apparently, the actor has been involved with the production of the movie for quite some time but said involvement hasn’t been discovered until now. Here’s some more info on the character he’s playing.

From Wikipedia: “He is an ancient wizard (Whiz Comics #2 gives his age as 3,000 years) who gives young Billy Batson the power to transform into the superhero Captain Marvel. DC Comics has billed Captain Marvel’s adventures under the title Shazam! since 1973.”

Shazam! will head into cinemas on 5th April 2019. David Sandberg is directing from a screenplay by Darren Lemke.

Expect the film to have a huge presence at this coming weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con. Will we get a trailer? We’ll bring you news as soon as it comes in.

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