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Top gambling games in different countries

by David Agnew

Analyzing the modern gambling industry, we see that every country has its own preferences. It means that if slot machines are popular in your country, it doesn’t mean that the citizens of the other country will also appreciate this gamble. This review is devoted to the in-depth analysis of top gambling games in different countries. You’ll find out lots of interesting facts about one or another game and its popularity in different countries. 


You will hardly find a person who has never heard about this game. Even so, not every gambler can boast of the gambling experience. Baccarat online is extremely popular in Asian countries and New Zealand. It makes no matter what type of a casino you prefer – online crap joints or brick-and-mortar casinos – both versions have their own benefits. 

The main peculiarity of the nature of Asians is that they believe in fate. For that reason, Asian gamblers adore this game. It is impossible to win on a systematic basis. The course of the game depends on your fate mostly. 

You don’t need specific skills to start playing. You just need to spend several minutes to look through the rules and you can start testing your fortune. Nevertheless, the rules may vary in different casinos. You should also develop your own strategy and adhere to it while playing. 


This game is popular in France. If to believe the statistics data, more than 50% of all Frenchmen prefer this gambling game to a variety of others. It appeared around 100 years ago and still, it remains one of the most popular games in France. 

This is a trick-taking card game, where “belote” means a combination of a Queen and a King. You can either play online or visit the nearest land-based casino and experience the gameplay personally. 

There are some common rules but you should be ready that the slight deflection is also possible. Four people are needed to start playing. Nevertheless, modern casinos also offer the versions for two, three or five players. If you come to France and you like spending free time playing blind hazards, you should visit one of their casinos. Online casinos also offer their users to experience the gameplay. 


This gambling game is originated in Japan. Americans frequently call it a combination of a one-armed bandit and a pinball. Firstly, gamblers could enjoy only manual version but later the digital one also appeared in the online casinos. 

It appeared more than 100 years ago and still, it is a number-one online activity for Japanese players. Your key purpose is to shoot balls (they should land in one of the pockets). After that, you should trigger the one-armed bandit and the reels will start spinning. You shouldn’t develop the game strategy because everything depends on the fortune. 

Slot Machines 

In concordance with the statistics data, more than 50% of Americans prefer playing slot machines. Every land-based casino in the USA offers a wide array of slot machines to its customers. Americans adore this game because it really helps them switch their attention to a pleasant amusement. Several decades ago, mostly women and elderly were the main targeted audience of this game. Nevertheless, the situation underwent a 180-degree turn. Today, one-armed bandits dominate in this industry. 

More and more new slots appear on an ongoing basis. Developers are working on the enhancements of the existing machines and frequently add new features. In current times, one-armed bandits make up 80% of the average casino’s income. If you don’t want to visit a land-based crap joint, you can embark on playing online. 


Europeans adore playing blackjack. Furthermore, this is a number-one gamble in every casino! If you are a target-oriented person and don’t want to lose, you should know that this one offers the best chances of winning. You just need to make yourself familiar with the rules, develop your strategy, pick up a reputable casino and embark on playing. 

You can’t start playing when you don’t know the rules, but they aren’t tough. You just need some time to learn them and you can immediately start enjoying the atmosphere. 

Every country has its own favorite gamble. Even so, to find the best online activity which can meet your demands, you should try several games! In all likelihood, you’ll find anything special for you! 

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