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Christmas In Cyprus

There’s much to tempt visitors to Cyprus during the holy month of Christmas. The balmy warmth and the magical atmosphere of a Greek Orthodox Christmas can always be felt. This glamorous location is just four-hours by flight from UK. This country remains a popular mid-winter haven for visitors from Britain; last winter, around 136,000 Brits visited the island.

On the eve of Christmas, the children can be heard singing the best Christmas carols- Calanda, Good Evening and Jingle Bells are the top songs. There are even many live concerts from choirs, orchestras and local bands, organised across the locations. The singers are welcomed with sweets, cookies and fruits. On the 25th of December, the Cypriots pay a visit to the churches for service and receive Holy Communion. After which, they share good wishes with family and friends, and get back home for the holiday feast to welcome the Christmassy vibes. But at Booty Bingo, you can already feel the Christmas atmosphere on Santa in Town slots. This slot game has already plunge Booty Bingo into the merry season… and sets the place for the upcoming Christmas themed promotions!

One of the most common Cypriot belief is that placing the right foot over the threshold, will bring you good luck over the New Year. However, in Cyprus, the actual Christmas time starts as of the 26th of December and lasts until the 04th of January. During this period, the Cypriots prepare Vasilopita while the kids have Saint Vasilis.

Before this holiday, the Cypriots keep a 40-days fast. It is only after the Christmas prayers that they go home and prepare the holiday feast to be enjoyed with their families. The Christmas feast is made of 12 mandatory Christmas dishes, which are not all traditional. But the additional traditions cakes are Koulouri- made with cooked turkey or chicken stuffed with cooked rice, nuts and raisins. The traditional desserts are almond cakes with crushed sugar, other nuts and roasted almonds. Many hotels in Cyprus also follow traditional UK customs and proposes a UK menu for the stayers. You can easily opt to stay in a hotel during the festive season as they offer discounted rates, and are the main attraction.

In Cyprus, the people mostly make use of the traditional fir tree! Unlike other countries, they do not use a ton of decorations. Instead, they use Poinsettia to add value to their Christmas tree. The Cypriots believe that the 12 days before Christmas are most dangerous, thus they take all the required precautions to protect themselves. To scare off evil spirits, shop owners hang olive or basil branch wrapped around a cross and sprinkled with holy water, at the entrance.

Unlike other countries, Cyprus offers you a sunny instead of a snowy Christmas. Throughout the year, Cyprus is covered in sunshine, and even the wintery days are full of sunny days and warmth. You can even enjoy the sandy beaches alongside your family while you enjoy a good Christmas meal.


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