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Ben Wheatley talks up his upcoming film slate

Free Fire is currently in U.K. cinemas with a U.S.bow due later this month. The film is a single-location movie set in 1970s Boston, and we really kind of liked it when we saw it over in Toronto last September. We reported a little while ago that Wheatley’s next film is one titled Freakshift, based on a script that he wrote with Amy Jump. That film will star future Lara Croft Alicia Vikander, and Wheatley spoke about the film and his plans for future films in an interview  with The Independent.

“We should be making Freakshift this year which is a sci-fi film that Amy [Jump] and I have written and has been in development for about five or six years, so it looks like that’s finally going to happen. It’s about women with shotguns fighting giant crabs. There you go, it sells itself.”

The British filmmaker also commented on what kind of movies he’d like to tackle in the future.

“I think we’ll try and make a romcom at some point, and probably make a kids film and a cowboy film. We want to make stuff that it’s a bit more cheery and less murderous. We haven’t managed it yet but we do want to do a film where no-one dies.”

Read more at the end of the link above. Free Fire is now playing in U.K. cinemas. The film opens in U.S. cinemas from April 24th.


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