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5 essential hard-hitting lessons we can learn from Batman

While most of us in general look up to our elders for heart-to-heart advice on life lessons, one cannot ignore the important life lessons we all can learn from the current superheroes of all times. Talking of superheroes and not talking about Batman isn’t how stuff rolls! While Batman is a fictional character, with the man Bruce Wayne playing the part, firstly let us reminisce what Batman said:

A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a little boy’s shoulder to let him know that the world hadn’t ended.” – Batman (Christian Bale), The Dark Knight Rises

Mentioned-below are top 5 life lessons we can learn from Batman:

1. Always wear a mask:

Just like that famous adage goes, “let not your deeds be with the expectation of a reward”. The good work you have been doing shouldn’t be marred by flaunting your identity. Always do what you must in the most righteous way possible, without the world knowing that you are a hero.

2. Devote yourself to the cause or an ideal:

While Bruce Wayne in Batman is often seeing devoting himself to the cause of charity – as he is seen donating to hospitals, foster homes, homeless shelters and a number of philanthropic institutions and causes. The lesson we all can learn from here is to devote ourselves to an area of service – something that has a collective upliftment of the whole society at large.

3. Be in support of those who cannot defend themselves

While Batman’s primary goal is keep injustice at bay, he is also seen protecting the innocents. Even though he is portrayed as a prolific crime-fighter, he is also seen as saving the lives of criminals at the time of need. The lesson to learn here is to always assert yourself, irrespective of how uncomfortable it might be. Always, always be willing to stand up for others and charter a capability of assertion.

4. There is always to learn something from everyone – even your enemies:

Attending a conference in London or booking hotels for Las Vegas; the process of learning never stops. The best part is that you can learn from everyone, even your enemies. Enemies not only help in brushing up your fighting skills, but they also help you learn from their defeat and grow in future.

5. Trust people because well, that is how we all survive:

Following the principles of the idea that night is darkest right before the dawn, one must learn to trust people and the system, while being true to one’s principles. Just like Batman! While the world out there is full of cringe and bloodthirsty monsters, believing in law is the way to go. Always rectify the idea of becoming an executioner of punishment.


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