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Exclusive Headshot Cast Interview: Iko Uwais, Sunny Pang and more talk up action film

by Paul Heath

Headshot cast interview

Headshot Cast Interview: THN catches up with Iko Uwais, Chelsea Islan, Julie Estelle, Zack Lee, and Sunny Pang.

Coming to cinemas worldwide this coming Friday 3rd March is the high-octane action movie Headshot, which is led by The Raid and The Raid 2 star Iko Uwais. We caught up with Iko and the rest of the cast of the film during a quick time-out at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival. The Headshot cast interview can be viewed below.

The film revolves around a man who, suffering from amnesia, washes ashore where a young doctor nurses him back to health. His past resurfaces to haunt them both in violent fashion.

Here’s the full synopsis for the film.

A man (Iko Uwais) is discovered left for dead with a gunshot wound to the head, and, after months in a coma, is nursed back to health by young student-doctor Ailin. Realising that the man is an amnesiac, Ailin renames him Ishmael. When Ailin is kidnapped by a gang of dangerous criminals led by enigmatic crime lord Lee, Ishmael suspects his true identity is closely tied to these people. Determined to save the woman who rescued him, Ishmael has no choice but to confront his past. But every violent confrontation that Ishmael encounters brings him closer to a dark realisation, as a lethal personality begins to awaken within him.

We reviewed the film in its entirety at Midnight Madness over at TIFF (which is quite the experience), and you can rad that full Headshot review at the end of the link. Here’s a snippet:

“Iko Uwais is on form as the lead protagonist, making up for his lack of dialogue by making the most of his fists. While the film doesn’t break new ground like The Raid five years ago – a film which also debuted at Midnight Madness, Headshot is a decent genre pic which action fans will surely devour entirely.”

The interview was conducted at TIFF with Uwais and co-stars Chelsea Islan, Julie Estelle, Zack Lee, and chief bad-guy (and lovely guy) Sunny Pang. Watch our Headshot cast interview below.

Headshot opens everywhere on March 3rd, 2017.

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