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THN’s Top Ten Films Of 2016

by Paul Heath

Best Films Of 2016: We whittle down nearly 300 films to just ten in our definitive list of the best of the year.

See our best films of 2016 countdown below. Do you agree with us?

It has been quite the year here on THN. For the first time we’ve covered film festivals in Berlin, Cannes and Toronto and seen literally hundreds of movies throughout the year. It’s always difficult to whittle things down to just ten films for a ‘best of’ list, but we’ve gone and done it – or have attempted to anyway.

Best films of 2016

The best films of 2016 – The Hollywood News

Here are the ten films that we really rather liked in 2016. Oh, and if you think we’ve excluded or included films that should/ shouldn’t be in there, please note; films are on eligible if they have been released in the UK between January 1st 2016 and December 31st 2016. So there. We will be hitting you with a

10. Deadpool

Best Films of 2016

Ryan Reynolds in one of the best films of 2016, Deadpool.

Released back in February, Ryan Reynolds’ turn as Deadpool not only catapulted him back to the A-list, but also re-defined the comic book movie. 20th Century Fox changed plans for their final Wolverine movie Logan based on the success of this dirty little superhero movie that had us laughing our bollocks off.

From the original review:

“Our screening was full of new fans and old, and it seemed to delight them all. I fell into the former category, and by the end of the film, I was applauding with the rest of the die-hards, clearly won over by the arrival of something fresh; something different; something we clearly needed as we continue to be bombarded with superhero movie after superhero movie.”

Watch the Deadpool trailer.

9. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Best films of 2016

Felicity Jones in one of the best films of 2016 – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

For a short time, things weren’t sounding too good for Lucasfilm/ Disney’s first foray into the stand-alone Star Wars movie. That all changed just over a week ago when Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One: A Star Wars Story literally blasted onto cinemas screens.

From the original review:

“‘Rogue One’ demonstrates just what is possible to achieve with the tricky prequel movie, and one which doesn’t really have any familiar characters to initially bond with. It leads boldly into familiar, though very different territory, managing to bring something very new to the table in a film which, while willing to throw some nods to its predecessors, is not afraid to venture into the world of the unknown. Full of juicy surprises, captivating, exciting, fulfilling and satisfying, ‘Rogue One’ might just be one of our favourite blockbusters of the year, and is definitely another ace in the hole for Disney.”

Watch the Rogue One trailer.

8. The Hateful Eight

The Hateful Eight review

Samuel L. Jackson in one of the best films of 2016 – The Hateful 8.

Quentin Tarantino delivered his second western right at the very start of the year, and it’s a film that is still lodged in our memories. Featuring some truly superb performances, as well as some fantastic direction and a truly great Tarantino screenplay, The Hateful Eight stands on its own and is more reminiscent of ‘Reservoir Dogs than Django Unchained.’

From the original review:

“A solid turn from perhaps one of the greatest modern directors, and easily his best character driven piece since the mid-1990s. A change of pace with superb ensemble performances, great dialogue, over-the-top gore and a delicious plot you want to gorge on. Everything you’d expect from a Quentin Tarantino movie.”

Watch The Hateful Eight trailer.

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7. American Honey

Best Films of 2016

Sasha Lane in one of the best films of 2016, American Honey.

American Honey is a film which really split critics. The film is an endurance exercise, coming in at nearly three-hours long, but its a masterclass in independent film-making, and while I wouldn’t necessarily be one to queue up to see it again, it’s worth of its place here on the end of year top ten for its expertly crafted direction, superb performances and jaw-dropping cinematography by Robbie Ryan.

From our original review:

“An unrelenting journey with arguably the most abhorrent group of young people captured on film this century – a outfit of misfits that will wind you up tighter than you’ve ever been wound before – though it’s absolutely wonderful in every way. Magnificently realistic, unquestionably hip, truly authentic and full of exceptional performances from its young cast, American Honey is one of the most unique cinema experiences of the year.”

Watch the American Honey trailer.

6. Spotlight

Spotlight cast

The superb ensemble cast of one of the best films of 2016, Spotlight.

Spotlight is simply superb, and indeed one of the year’s most important films. Not in any other film will you see an ensemble cast deliver performances like you see here, or watch something completely engrossing from start to finish…

From our original review:

“Spotlight isn’t the best film out this awards season, but it is definitely the most important. Spotlight shines a light not so much on the darker side of the Catholic Church but more on the investigation. It’s important to showcase the team that fought tooth and nail to expose this story to the public and make a change not just in their local community but also across the world, which it did.  Spotlight is one of the most important films to have ever been made and deserves your attention to go see it.”

Watch the Spotlight trailer.

Our Best Films Of 2016 round-up continues below with the top five…

5. Creed

Best Films of 2016

The Rocky franchise continues. Michael B Jordan and Sylvester Stallone in Creed.

Creed could have gone either way, but the Michael B. Jordan film which gives gentle nods to the Rocky franchise that came before it, as well as making new ground with interesting new characters. The Ryan Coogler reboot is a massive punch to the guts and one which remains in our mind and managed to get us watching it multiple times throughout the year.

From our original review:

“Creed is just about everything you’d want from a Rocky sequel and then some. A perfect return to an unforgettable franchise that we thought we’d seen the last of. A trip back to the previous movies would prove beneficial prior to viewing (we overloaded on them all over the festive break), but is obviously not essential as Coogler and his wonderful cast and crew have delivered a stunning restart/ reboot/ refresh (or whatever you want to call it) in that will hopefully continue for as long as Rocky did.”

Watch the Creed trailer.

4. Zootropolis

Zootropolis Best films of 2016 feature

Zootropolis, truly one of the best films of 2016.

Disney are not putting a foot wrong, not just in their subsidiaries Marvel and Lucasfilm, but in their traditional animation department. While Moana is truly excellent, it was a toss up between that andthis for inclusion in our end of year list. A hit with critics, adults, and most importantly, children alike, Zootropolis could be one of Disney’s best for many years.

From our original review:

“The story is excellent, and while some scenes may be unsuitable for smaller children, my five-year-old nephew wasn’t phased by it. In fact, he loved it. I did too, and Disney may have a huge hit on their hands here. Going after an Easter release rather than their usual festive slot, the studio are taking a gamble with Zootropolis, but this deserves to do well as Disney may just have their best animated effort for years on their hands.”

Watch the Zootropolis trailer.

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3. Son Of Saul

Son Of Saul film

Harrowing, though exceptional. Son Of Saul.

A harrowing, truly unique film from László Nemes, this is sadly the only foreign language film to make our best of list. The film is set during two specific days amongst the horrors of Auchwitz towards the end of World War II in 1944, and follows the title character who sets out to bury the body of a young boy, who he takes on as his own son.

From our original review:

“Son Of Saul is a very strong first feature from director Nemes, whose unflinching camera and solid script isn’t afraid of the subject matter. Lead actor Géza Röhrig is also outstanding as the character of Saul. Most of his performance is captured from the chest up. A truly remarkable piece of acting in a film that should be sought out. An outstanding piece of filmmaking from a very gifted team of filmmakers.”

Watch the Son Of Saul trailer.

2. Captain Fantastic

Captain Fantastic Best films of 2016

One of the best films of 2016; Captain Fantastic with Viggo Mortensen.

One that we caught in th depths of the Cannes Film Festival in May, and an unexpected delight. Viggo Mortensen leads the cast of Captain Fantastic, a film about a devoted father of six who has raised his children rather unconventionally; in a self-created environment deep in the wilderness.

From our original review:

“This is one of those films that leaves you such a positive feeling after the credits have rolled, and stays with you long after leaving the theatre. An absorbing, entertaining, thought-provoking character driven film, wonderfully told – the definition of American independent cinema. I loved every second of it.”

Watch the Captain Fantastic trailer.

1. Room

Room best film of the year.

Our best film of the year? Room.

Another film released during awards season which is still lodged in our minds – the stunning Room. The film won Brie Larsson an Oscar, and introduced the world to the delightful and remarkable talented Jacob Tremblay.

From our original review:

“Room is on a level of beauty unmatched to anything else released this year or this awards season. It is a defining film for everyone involved, it’s visually stunning, written in the best and honest way possible and is a joy to watch, despite the darker issues addressed in the film. But while everyone is great, especially young Tremblay, Room belongs to Brie Larson.”

Watch the Room trailer.

That’s it for this year. What do you think of our best films of 2016 round-up? We’re sure you won’t agree with some of our choices, and we know we’ve left some fantastic movies out, but it is so difficult to limit proceedings to just ten. But please do let us know your thoughts, and what you think should have been included.

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