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‘Mallrats 2’ delayed: Kevin Smith to shoot ‘Moose Jaws’ next?

Trailer for Kevin Smith's Tusk at Sundance

Kevin Smith‘s long-awaited sequel to Mallrats may have become a little longer in the awaiting, according to co-star Jason Mewes. When he spoke to us about upcoming animated movie Bling Mewes revealed studio politics are keeping the second instalment from going into production:

As far as I know right now Mallrats 2 is getting pushed because Universal owns the rights to the script, and there’s some negotiations going on with production and financing and all that stuff, so I guess it’s taking longer than we expected. There’s a big push, I’m hoping they’ll figure it out, but if not it looks like we might be filming Moose Jaws, which is Kevin’s script that he wrote as part of the True North trilogy.

This could create problems for Smith, who wanted to shoot Mallrats 2 at a location facing imminent demolition. Monster comedy Moose Jaws completes the cycle of Tusk and just-released Yoga Hosers, which stars Johnny Depp.

Mewes has played View Askewniverse regular Jay for the past couple of decades, making his debut in Smith’s breakthrough hit Clerks. Forming a memorable partnership with Silent Bob (played by Smith), the characters have appeared in several interconnected films, both in live action and animation. They return again for Moose Jaws, though Smith has stated Bob will meet a sticky end.

Read the full interview with Jason Mewes here.

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