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Sydney ’16: Land Of Mine review


Sydney ’16: Land of Mine review: One of the most tense, heart wrenching WWII movies for years.

An outstanding piece of cinema that is not to be missed. Land of Mine review by Paul Heath, September 2016.

Land Of Mine review

Land Of Mine review

From the director of Applause, Martin Zandvliet, comes Land Of Mine, a post World War II-set drama revolving around the story of German prisoners of war who are sent to the beaches of Denmark by the Danish and UK governments to clear the one-and-a-half-million landmines that remain unexploded on its shores.

Focussing on a group of young German boys, captured by the Danish government and sent to an idyllic beach, their task is to rid the pristine shoreline of around 45,000 landmines in order to earn their freedom. Overseeing their task is the tempered, bitter, angry Danish Sergeant Carl Rasmussen, portrayed in a breathtaking performance by Roland Moller (A Hijacking). As the group of young German soldiers bond over this highly dangerous, necessary task to get them back to their families, it becomes clear that Carl is struggling to separate his military duties and apparent hate for his former enemy from the sympathies that he is starting to see in the individuals that he sees before him.

Land Of Mine review

Land Of Mine review

Land Of Mine is a tension filled movie that is at times extremely difficult to watch. Featuring a brilliant young cast, the film is an outstanding piece of cinema. The photography is stunning with cinematographer Camilla Hjelm creating wonderful, sweeping vistas of a now-peaceful Danish coastline, with the viewer always aware of the powerful threat that lies underneath. That can be used as a metaphor for this outstanding work as a sense of foreboding is always present, even during the film’s more upbeat, more comedic moments, of which there are surprisingly many.

Harrowing, heart-breaking and totally captivating, Land Of Mine is a true gem deserving of more media attention and one that is well-worth seeking out; a truly accomplished, really, really tense piece of perfection.

Debuting at the 2015 BFI London Film Festival, Land Of Mine is currently playing at the Sydney Film Festival.

Land of Mine is currently awaiting a UK/US release date.


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