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Sherlock Holmes 3 is still in the works at Warner Bros.

Sherlock Holmes 3

Sherlock Holmes 3 is still in development

Guy Ritchie and producing/ writing partner Lionel Wigram will release The Man From U.N.C.L.E. in cinemas next week, and while out on the promotional trailer while Ritchie tied the knot this past week, Wigram revealed the state of their other big movie series, Sherlock Holmes.

Holmes is huge right now, with Sir Ian McKellen ace-ing it in the recent Mr. Holmes and Benedict Cumberbatch owning the character in the Sherlock Holmes BBC TV show, so it would be in Warner Brothers’ interest to get a third movie on track ready for when Ritchie finishes up on his in-production  ‘King Arthur’ movie.

Here’s what Wigram had to say about the state of a third movie which would have Robert Downey Jr. returning as Holmes and Jude Law as Watson.

Wigram spoke with IGN.

“We’re working on a Sherlock Holmes 3 script. I think we would all love to do one if we could come up with something that really was really going to knock it out of the park and was going to be the best of the three. So we’re working on that – it’s quite hard to do.”

I loved what Ritchie did with the first two movies, and would love for them to complete the trilogy with a third movie. Downey comes at a price these days though. We just hope they can all make it work.

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1 Comment

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