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Tarantino In Colorado For ‘The Hateful Eight’


The state of Colorado is rubbing its hands at the somewhat bloody prospect of Quentin Tarantino coming to town. The director will park his wagon and convert a ranch to shoot his much-anticipated nineteenth century slugfest THE HATEFUL EIGHT, commencing December 8th. Late 2014 was mooted as the start date, now this has been confirmed by The Denver Post. A frozen Wyoming is the scenario, that sees a stagecoach journey permanently halted by a remorseless blizzard. The carriage’s mismatched occupants – including a female convict and a pair of bounty hunters locked in a game of one-upmanship – must then presumably get locked in a fight for survival. As regular Tarantino viewers will know preservation of the species is not high on his list of priorities.  Audiences got a taste of the action during a live reading earlier this year.

Wyoming itself must be fuming that Colorado got the jump on it, offering a cool $5 million by way of dangling a carrot before the horse. The winning location is no stranger to big scale filmmaking: Henry Hathaway’s TRUE GRIT was shot there in 1969. Casting is to be announced but the stage performance featured Samuel L.Jackson, Kurt Russell and Amber Tamblyn. Jennifer Lawrence is rumoured to be up for a role.

THE HATEFUL EIGHT should complete their grisly business in early 2015.

Source: ComingSoon

Steve is a journalist and comedian who enjoys American movies of the 70s, Amicus horror compendiums, Doctor Who, Twin Peaks, Naomi Watts and sitting down. His short fiction has been published as part of the Iris Wildthyme range from Obverse Books.

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