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Steven Moffat, John Hurt & Paul McGann Discuss ‘Doctor Who’ At LFCC 2014

John Hurt, Steven Moffat and Paul McGann at London Film and Comic Con

John Hurt, Steven Moffat and Paul McGann at London Film and Comic Con

John Hurt, Steven Moffat and Paul McGann were on-hand to discuss the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who at London Film and Comic Con this weekend and it was a panel filled with laughs, misery and one massive shock.

This was not the only panel Moffat had taken part in – he was also involved in the Sherlock talk with wife Sue Vertue and Mark Gatiss and made a surprise appearance alongside Jenna Coleman. One of the questions that kept coming up was that of a Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover which Moffatt insists will not happen. Though he did then go on to say that he has a photo on his phone of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman on the TARDIS! Surely if that picture got out it would break the internet!

Jenna ColemanWhat Moffat really wanted to focus on, unsurprisingly, was Peter Capaldi. In the earlier panel, Jenna Coleman, who plays Clara Oswald, said ‘they work very differently‘ when she was asked how Capaldi compares to Matt Smith, adding that Capaldi is a ‘complete departure‘. Coleman went on to say that ‘he’s got the most incredible hands‘ and ‘everything about him is Doctoresque‘. McGann added that ‘we might have the best ever Doctor on our hands’.

A dampener has of course already been put on the new series after scripts were leaked. Moffat said that ‘we were all miserable about it‘ and though he remained tight-lipped about what fans can expect from the Capaldi-led series, Moffat did add that ‘we’ve got some nasty ones coming up‘.

The trio talked about what went in to the anniversary episode, including the prequel episode which saw McGann regenerate into Hurt’s warrior Doctor. The short episode wasn’t even written when McGann was approached but Moffat wanted to know he’d be game before he began. McGann added that the prequel episode was ‘rather beautiful’ and ‘really rather clever’.

John Hurt said signing on for the show was a ‘no-brainer‘, adding that ‘there’s an enormous amount of extremely hard work that goes into it.

LFCC continues this weekend! Click here for our coverage

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1 Comment

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