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Mark Wahlberg Is ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’?

The Six Million Dollar Man

Six million dollars really isn’t a lot of money these days. Certainly not to Mark Wahlberg, who is reportedly in the frame to play technologically-enhanced Steve Austin in Universal’s cinematic reboot of The Six Million Dollar Man. For those too young to remember the simple thrills of 1970s escapist TV, Austin was an astronaut who was rebuilt as a sort of bionic warrior in a tracksuit after much of him was mashed up in a devastating accident. Austin’s powers in the series included an incredibly strong right arm, a robot eye and the ability to run super super quick.

The concept was last seen onscreen in Bionic Woman with Michelle Ryan (Merlin) and Katee Sackhoff (OCULUS), itself a new version of a spin off from the original male-dominated show. (It’s also worth mentioning Sandra Bullock’s involvement in 1989 entry Bionic Showdown. ) Ryan’s update drew decidedly non-bionic viewing figures and bearing in mind it was a serious attempt to bring the idea into the 21st century that doesn’t bode well for any reimaginings. It’s possible the producers could return to the source novel Cyborg by Martin Caidin for inspiration.

Wahlberg taking the reins from classic series star Lee Majors is far from the worst thing you could imagine the studio plotting. He certainly has the action + acting chops and has given the tired TRANSFORMERS franchise a lift in AGE OF EXTINCTION. But say this rumour does turn out to have spring-loaded legs, it could be a case of taking the resurrection business one step too far. To paraphrase FIELD OF DREAMS, “If you rebuild it, will they come…?”

Source: JoBlo

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