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Is This Our First Look At ‘Jurassic World’ Raptor?

Many secrets have been leaked over the internet in our time, with Facebooks, Twitters, and Instagrams giving us snippets of information regarding the latest blockbusters. The latest of these reported leaks is  look at  Velociraptor who will allegedly appear in the upcoming JURASSIC WORLD. The film, which will be the fourth instalment of the dinsoaur related franchise, will be set in a more futuristic theme park including new species. There were also rumours of trained Velociraptors, which this may be one of. The muzzle certainly seems to suggest a way of controlling said creatures.

Starring current hot property Chris Pratt, the film will be directed by Colin Trevorrow of SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED fame. Steven Spielberg, the man behind the first two films in the franchise, stays on as an executive producer, while BD Wong returns to the cast. He was the scientist who first introduced Sam Neill’s Alan Grant to the Velociraptors, and his character had a much larger role in the book.

The following picture was uploaded to Instagram from Valencia, California, which is home to Legacy Effects, the people behind the special effects for the film. Hopefully this is a part of Jurassic World, as it suggests the use of more practical effects. The third film was far too reliant on CG and ended up looking worse than the original despite the improvements in technology. Here’s hoping.

JURASSIC WORLD is released 12th June 2015. It stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D’Onofrio, Jake Johnson, Lauran Lapkus, Omar Sy, and BD Wong.

Jurssic World Velociraptor

Source: Jurassic World

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