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First Look At Michael Fassbender In Western ‘Slow West’

slow west

We are always excited when we see Michael Fassbender in something different, and after his rather strange turn as the very large headed but brilliant FRANK, we were ready for something new and lucky for all of us, we have the first image from his new film SLOW WEST.

Brit director John Maclean’s directorial feature debut sees Kodi Smit-McPhee as a 17 year old boy travelling to America’s wild west to search for his love.  Fassbender plays Silas, a mysterious traveller who is paid to protect him on his emotional and dangerous journey.

Maclean and Fassbender previously worked together on Maclean’s short films MAN ON A MOTORCYCLE and PITCH BLACK HEIST.  Fassbender will also be producing the film which has yet to receive a release date at this point.

Speaking at SXSW 2014 Kodi Smit-McPhee revealed more details about he film:

“I fall in love with someone who works on our land. She ends up fleeing to Colorado because she’s wanted for a bounty, a murder, something she didn’t do. I end up with all my royalty money following her and trying to find her…Fassbender plays a bounty hunter, mysterious cowboy who helps me get there.”

Fassbender in a western film seems a perfect choice for the versatile actor who always seems to bring an edge to the characters he plays.

Keep checking back for more news on SLOW WEST.

Source: The Film Stage


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