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Check Out Colin Firth And Emily Blunt In The ‘Arthur And Mike’ Trailer

It should be a criminal offence to release films at such different times, but it looks like the latest flick from Colin Firth and Emily Blunt, titled ARTHUR AND MIKE, will finally be getting a UK release.

Firth plays the title character of Wallace Avery, who decides to fake his own death and start a new life as Arthur Newman. On his travels he meets Michaela (Blunt), who is more close to home than Arthur thinks – she is also maintaining a different identity. Written by UNDER THE CHERRY MOON and SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET scribe Becky Johnston, the film made its debut at the Toronto Film Festival back in 2012, and the US release followed early 2013. It is also the feature directorial debut from Dante Ariola.

We have to say, Firth and Blunt in one movie? Should be a match-made in heaven right? Check out the trailer below and make a judgement for yourself!

ARTHUR AND MIKE is set to be released June 27th.

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