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Suck Me Sideways! It’s The New ‘Dumb And Dumber To’ Poster

It has been 20 years since DUMB AND DUMBER – Twenty years!! Before the trailer descends on us soon for the next crazy installment DUMB AND DUMBER TO, a new poster has cropped up over the internet for fans to get all excited for November this year. That trailer is reported to be shown on The Jimmy Fallon Show tonight in the US (lucky them!), so it should be all over the internet soon after for the rest of us.

As you might guess, Harry and Lloyd have obviously not lost their 90’s fashion sense with the hair and clothes – even the van is still…well, still a sheep dog! Hold on! How did they get the van back? In the first film Lloyd sold their beloved van for a tiny scooter after they broke down to get to Aspen so it’ll be interesting to see how this turns out – just as long as it doesn’t turn out like 2003’S DUMB AND DUMBERER: WHEN HARRY MET LLOYD.

Feast your eyes on the poster below:


DUMB AND DUMBER TO hits the States on November 14th, with UK dates to be confirmed.

Source: First Showing


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