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James Franco To Redecorate ‘The Room’

The Room

Released in 2003, THE ROOM carved out its own niche in movie history. Unfortunately the carving was done with the wrong end of a Swiss Army knife and it became famous for all the wrong reasons. Co-star Greg Sestero did what any good actor would do and used the experience for his own ends, co-writing The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room with Tom Bissell. But even he and director Tommy Wiseau couldn’t have foreseen the latest development – James Franco is adding to the legend by adapting the book of the film for the screen.

It’s a family affair with James playing Wiseau and his brother Dave taking the role of Sestero. Seth Rogen’s Point Grey Pictures will be bringing the chaotic chronicle of what was supposed to be a torrid celluloid love triangle to cinemas. Rogen previously worked with Franco on THIS IS THE END and his involvement might suggest the tone of the picture, though with Franco collaborating more on the creative side this could lead to an intriguing mix indeed.

From LIVING IN OBLIVION to ED WOOD, filmmakers love to shine a light on what can go wrong with this most mysterious of processes. Whilst this latest project may skirt dangerously close to navelgazing, the personalities involved in both truth and fiction make it a solid proposition for chuckles. Tommy Wiseau is laughing all the way to the bank that’s for sure.

Source: Belfast Telegraph

Steve is a journalist and comedian who enjoys American movies of the 70s, Amicus horror compendiums, Doctor Who, Twin Peaks, Naomi Watts and sitting down. His short fiction has been published as part of the Iris Wildthyme range from Obverse Books.

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