10 Best US TV-To-Film Translations

by Luke Ryan Baldock

Best US TV Films 08


South Park is now 17 years old and seems to show no signs of aging. However, the show was only 2 when it decided to offer us a big screen version. What we got was an absolute delight. The plot itself involved film and censorship, making it the perfect fit for the cinema as well as hitting all the right satirical notes. Not only that, but the film became a genuine musical with some of the catchiest songs of the last two decades. These songs did well to capture the bizarre twist on the show’s animated form, something that still confused many people as to the content of the programme. A bizarre mixture of celebrities offered vocal cameos, but everything was kept very similar to the show. Even the crude animation barely upgraded. It works as a stand alone, as well as giving us some excellent moments for the fans, such as finally seeing what Kenny looked like without his hood. And let’s not forget that we could finally hear the characters swearing without any bleeped over words, something that was taken complete advantage of in songs such as “Uncle Fucker” and “It’s Easy Mmmkay?”

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