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Coen Brothers To Take On 1950s Hollywood Comedy ‘Hail Caesar’


Next up for those wonderful film-making siblings the Coen Brothers, is HAIL CAESAR. This new comedy is set in Hollywood in the 1950s around the life of a fixer, a man who would have worked for the studios to keep the big stars out of the bad light and on the right side of positive coverage.

Back in the day, it was a little easier to keep those names out of the gutter whereas now, you’ll see paparazzi literally in the gutter or going through your private stuff looking for dirt on those who don’t really deserve it. But in 1950, those fixers/publicists would make everything look truly squeaky clean and if something went wrong they would have to deal with it somehow.

Now, the difference with this story is that it might be based around the real-life of Eddie Mannix, an actual private eye from the time who worked for Confidential magazine and was used all the dirty-methods to find all the bad stuff out. Although it’s not fully confirmed that Mannix is the man who’s actually in this story, there’s obviously a lot of interesting stuff to work from and something the Coen’s are going to delve into.

After the glorious INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS, we’re very much looking forward to seeing them back in the more obvious comedy side with a whole new anti-hero to get stuck into, I’m backing George Clooney to pop up again as he’d definitely fit the era.

We’ll bring you more news on HAIL CAESAR as we hear it! 

Source: Deadline

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