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Amanda Seyfried Joins Hugh Jackman for Joe Wright’s ‘Peter Pan’

Peter Pan Amanda Seyfried

They were last seen on the big screen together belting their lungs out over the French Revolution in LES MISERABLES. Now Amanda Seyfried is to fly to Neverland (or at least Leavesden Studios) with Hugh Jackman to begin filming the new PETER PAN.  With shooting set to commence in a matter of days, this is an impressive last minute signing, with Seyfried joining the likes of Jackman, Rooney Mara and Kathy Burke (NIL BY MOUTH).

While some could argue she’s a shoo-in for Tinkerbell, Seyfried is to play Mary, who according to accepted Pan lore is the mother of Peter’s best friend Wendy Darling and her siblings.

If you’re expecting Hugh to be trading in his WOLVERINE claws for a massive hook you may be intrigued to learn he is playing Blackbeard. Captain Hook was certainly associated with Blackbeard, but Jackman’s presence suggests the thick-whiskered pirate will have a greater role in proceedings this time round. Mara will play Tiger Lily and Burke is the meatily-monickered Mother Barnabas. Newcomer Levi Miller (Terra Nova) is to play The Boy Who Never Grew Up.

Director Joe Wright (ATONEMENT, HANNA) is sailing his own course alongside screenwriter Jason Fuchs (ICE AGE), with the adaptation being billed as “a new take”. Whether this involves the dreaded word “re-imagining” is unclear. Although he has directed slices of classic literature in the past, with the glowing PRIDE & PREJUDICE and the appallingly over-conceptualized ANNA KARENINA, Wright’s track record with fantasy is less developed. Anyone who saw HANNA knows he managed to blend gritty reality with a deranged fairy tale motif, so if his PAN is anything like that we could be in for a memorable ride.

Warner Bros PETER PAN is set to fly again July 17th 2015.

Source:  THR

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