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New ‘The Matrix’ Trilogy Planned?


Hold onto your hats and stifle your overflowing cynicism as it may just be time for a a new set of MATRIX films. Yes indeed, those good old folks over at Latino Review are reporting that the Wachowski’s have been working on a new trilogy and have even handed in outlines to the studio. It’s not yet known how true this all is or if the new films will be set after or before the others, or whether our perceived reality is indeed real and not just some kind of twisted computer program.

It’s certainly an interesting rumour though and it makes sense for the Wachowski duo to seek the kind of box office gross that a new set of MATRIXes [sic] will induce. Their last outings SPEED RACE and CLOUD ATLAS were both interesting and ambitious projects but they failed to achieve the monetary heights of the series that brought them world wide renown. The real question here is do we need or even want a new saga. It’s exceptionally arguable that the sequels to the MATRIX were lacking the finesse and memorable originality that made the first one so special.

The Wachowski’s involvment is promising but can they hope to bring these new titles back to that superb form? My money’s on ‘No‘ but then again I’d have probably taken the blue pill.  What say you?

Source: Latino Review

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