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Captivating Trailer For Hannah Fidell’s Indie Feature ‘A Teacher’

As well as the mainstream movies that are so easy to access, we also always like to take a look at intriguing up and coming indie projects. Today, we take a look at Hannah Fidell’s A TEACHER that originally screened at this years Sundance Film Festival but is also head for a theatrical release in the UK on September 6th.

A TEACHER was written and directed by Fidell and is described as a ‘psychological thriller and part provocative character study’ as it explores the unraveling days of a young teacher, Diana (Lindsay Burdge), after she has an affair with one of her teenage students, Eric (Will Brittain). What begins as an innocent fling becomes increasingly complex as Diana gets consumed by her emotions and life starts to spiral out of control.

Check out the trailer below for this very interesting film and then scroll down for the poster and a few images and then, most importantly, let us know what you think!

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You can also follow them and find more information over on their official site here:

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1 Comment

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