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‘Man Of Steel’ European Premiere Report

by Craig Hunter


Some might say that it’s just “another day, another Red Carpet premiere” at the always impressive Leicester Square in the dead centre of London. However, courtesy of our friends at Nokia, THN were treated to a very special star-studded night at the European premiere as cast, crew and celebrities followed on the cape trails of the MAN OF STEEL and it was unlike anything we’d seen before. Screaming fans draped in the customary colours proving the love of the now 75-year-old character is still strong, as they clambered to get an autograph, photo opportunity or even a glimpse at their idols.

The heavenly-handsome chops of Henry Cavill, the man previously auditioned and beaten to the role by Brandon Routh in Bryan Singer’s sequel SUPERMAN RETURNS, was the first the step foot in an much appropriate dual-coloured red and blue runners. While he must be brimming with confidence at given a second opportunity, he’ll most probably be secretly joyous he didn’t land the coveted role in the much-maligned, and perhaps unfairly derided love-letter to the DC comic icon, given Singer’s critical mauling from fans and critics alike. Not forgetting the seriously unlucky Routh’s subsequent career. Cavill seemed to take an age to advance as he happily mingled with his adoring public and the awaiting media. Most certainly a superstar now as his high-flying superhero Kal-El, is in the midst of breaking box-office records.

A little later, we saw the arrival of nemesis Michael Shannon. The ever-intense Oscar-nominee takes on the foreboding role of the conflicted General Zod. Previously portrayed with relish by the terrific Terrence Stamp in both Richard Donner’s 1978 SUPERMAN, and the even more impressive Richard Lester sequel a few years later (from which Donner was fired from during shooting). However, Shannon will also see his stock rise even further as he’s surely to become as synonymous as Stamp in the meaty role of the complicated Kryptonian military chieftain. Like Cavill, Shannon was all-too thrilled to pose for a pic and offer his signature. Even bringing along his own sharpie to save time and please even more fans. It was almost inevitable as the surprisingly quietly spoken star of TAKE SHELTER saw many doing just that as the heavens opened. An omen to the performance we were about to see him give perhaps? Dripping with dread!


A surprise was in store for not just Superman fans but THE DARK KNIGHT lovers as well, as director Christopher Nolan (who put the story together) and partner Emma Thomas graced fans with their presence. Both guided the films production, alongside Charles Roven who also appeared to witness the joyous, if rain soaked occasion. There was also the amazing composer Hans Zimmer, whose epic, barnstorming score has many believing it even eclipses John William’s unforgettable work in the original. Perfectly capturing the grand action spectacle and it’s lighter moments, and perhaps best of all, the sentimental scenes of tragedy and of course, hope. All offered fascinating insight into the making of Warner Bros. reboot via the premiere host.

It must also have been a special night for visually-stunning director Zack Snyder and his wife and producing partner Deborah, who landed the gig after impressing with his work – the acclaimed dark, graphic novel WATCHMAN. A story by Alan Moore many thought unfilmable. A challenge Snyder obviously grabbed with both hands given its critical and fan reception! Snyder’s style seemed a perfect fit once he was announced and what is on screen proves this. Warner recently confirming they’ve tasked both he and screenwriter David S. Goyer to return of the sequel and speaking of Goyer, he was another attendee donning the tux and tie to give his thoughts on working alongside Nolan again after their acclaimed Batman adventures.

The stunning duo of Amy Adams and Antje Traue braved the baltic, battering rainclouds to bring some welcome glamour. The former is currently an established four-time Academy Award nominated actress after superb performances in the likes of Paul Thomas Anderson’s THE MASTER and David O. Russell’s boxing biopic, THE FIGHTER. Her role of crusading journalist Lois Lane may come as a eye-opening departure despite being a genuine Disney Princess following roles in THE MUPPETS and ENCHANTED. The latter is German-native and this may just see her break into the American mainstream as the uber-sexy and villainous sidekick to Zod, Faore. Her bruising battles with Cavill’s classic intergalactic do-gooder looking immense and throughly thrilling.

The final guest to arrive was non-other the phone-flinging master himself, Russell Crowe, and given the movie tie-in and event organisers Nokia, seemed rather apt. The gruff Oscar-winner portrays doomed birth father Jor-El. A character notorious for the price-tag paid to the late Marlon Brando in the ground-breaking classic. Despite his controversial media image, Crowe was looking giddy as a school kid as the onlookers flashed their signature ‘S’ symbol attire as he trooped up that super rug.


As the starry cast and crew ventured onto the packed cinema for an introduction to the film, much like the MAN OF STEEL himself, our Nokia supporters swiftly scooped us up to rescue us from the wet to this special screening after sampling their Nokia Lumia 920 super phone as showcased in the movie and there is also a rather special MAN OF STEEL app available too.

What did we think of the simply stunning superhero spectacle? Well, I’ll just say it’s damn impressive and late original creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster would surely be very proud, along with all those involved in this version of an all-American legend. You can read our very own hero Paul Heath’s review HERE!

The Hollywood News would like to thank Nokia, CNN and Warner Bros. Pictures for a very special day indeed!

MAN OF STEEL stars Henry Cavill, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Amy Adams, Ayelet Zurer, Antje Traue, Christopher Meloni, Harry Lennix, Laurence Fishburne and Richard Schiff. It opens across the UK on June 14th.

View more details on the Nokia Range at http://www.nokia.com/gb-en/

Man of Steel App available on itunes, Android Market and Windows Store

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