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DC’s ‘Fables’ Set For Film Adaption With Nikolaj Arcel Directing

by Dan Bullock


Having always been into a bit of Batman, 2000AD or the obvious Watchmen, my comic-knowledge was somewhat limited until I discovered a little bit of Fables a few years or so ago now. Created by Bill Willingham in 2002, I’d have to admit to only currently getting half-way (all of them) through the various volumes but it’s always been a clever, and interesting twist on the fairy tale which has taken them out of the usual places and put them all together and living in New York.

It’s now been announced that Nikolaj Arcel who directed the highly underrated, and under seen, A ROYAL AFFAIR, looks set to help develop the massive fantasy world into a movie. It’s going to be re-written by Jeremy Slater. David Heyman and Jeffrey Clifford – those names you might know very well from the HARRY POTTER books/franchise/brilliance. If some of you are thinking the TV Series ‘Once Upon A Time‘, then that’s basically a rip off and nowhere near how good FABLES could be. I did actually catch the first season of that show, and although it was interesting in places – it always had more of a ‘soap’ feel to it, than the gritty and insightful nature these graphic novels deserve.

Thanks to THR for this very interesting story, and if you’re looking for a bit more background over how many times they’ve tried to do this before, then they’ve got a good summary. Many didn’t think WATCHMEN would ever work, and that film looked glorious and was a fine addition to the genre-bending graphic novel. More news, as and when we hear on this one!


Source: THR

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