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Christopher Kyle In Negotiations To Pen ‘Shadow And Bone’

Shadow And Bone smallIt looks like Christopher Kyle will be penning DreamWorks’ latest book adaptation project SHADOW AND BONE. Kyle, who wrote ALEXANDER and K-19: THE WIDOW MAKER, is in negotiations to write the project and it looks to be set in stone.

SHADOW AND BONE, a young adult novel by Leigh Bardugo, is about a land under attack by a swath of darkness and is being infested by creatures who eat human flesh. The story follows a young girl who discovers she has a power to change that and is taken to be trained by her country’s magic elite.

HARRY POTTER producer David Heyman will be co-producing the project alongside Jeffrey Clifford, who produced UP IN THE AIR. Christopher Kyle’s latest project is SERENA, a film about Depression-Era North Carolina starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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