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Bradley Cooper In Talks To Join JJ Abrams’ Lance Armstrong Biopic

After a scandalous reveal by Lance Armstrong about being doped up during all his Tour De France wins, Bradley Cooper has expressed interest in playing Armstrong in a movie. It turns out this was not just an interest, as JJ Abrams (who has worked with Cooper before for TV show ALIAS) is making a biopic based on the book Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong, by Juliet Macur. The book is currently only a proposal and is nowhere near being published yet, but everyone wants a piece of the American athlete who wowed the world and a few days ago disappointed it with his confession on Oprah’s The Next Chapter.

Backstage at the Producers Guild Awards, Abrams confirmed that he’s received an e-mail from Cooper expressing his interest. Although it was only announced two days ago that Abrams would direct and produce STAR WARS: EPISODE VII, I ask myself: does he really have time for an Armstrong biopic? Shouldn’t he be designing new droids or choosing baked goods as inspiration for his next STAR WARS princess’ hair style? Perhaps this is just a clever cover, and we’ll be seeing Bradley Cooper as Han Solo’s son instead. You heard it here first!

Check out the clip below showing Jennifer Garner gush over her ALIAS co-star Bradley Cooper and asking Abrams some tough questions about his Lance Armstrong casting.

Source: ET

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