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The First TV Spot For ‘Beautiful Creatures’ Is Released

Fans of the The Caster Chronicles have something to look forward as we kick off the New Year with Warner Bros Picture’s release of the first TV spot for the eponymous first book, BEAUTIFUL CREATURES. Richard La Gravenese (P.S. I LOVE YOU) both directed and co-wrote the screenplay with the chronicle’s authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, which is great news for the loyal fans of the books, as any directors or fan-bases will tell you, converting young adult novels to films is a minefield of interpretation. However, it looks like we’re in for some wonderful performances from Alice Englebert (GINGER & ROSA) who plays the potentially dark Caster, Lena Duchannes, as well as the fantastic Jeremy Irons (THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK) who plays Macon Ravenwood, Lena’s incubus uncle.

BEAUTIFUL CREATURES is about Ethan (Alan Ehrenreich) who longs to escape his hum-drum Southern community unitl he meets mysterious new girl Lena and they embark on a journey of discovery about themselves as well as the secrets kept by each others families. Even for those who haven’t read the books this promises to be a great film which explores the internal and external struggles between the light and the dark, love and hate and something we can definetly all relate to; completely deranged families who at times seem to be constantly at war.

Also starring in BEAUTIFUL CREATURES: Emma Thompson, Viola Davis, Emmy Rossum, Thomas Mann and Zoey Deutch. The film is released both in the UK and USA on 13th February 2013.

Source: Coming Soon

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