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Poster Round Up: ‘Stoker’s ‘Side Effects’ Leads To A ‘Bullet To The Head’ Leaving ‘Warm Bodies’ For ‘The Incredible Burt Wonderstone’

Today has been a monster for poster releases. We’ve already had more from THE GREAT GATSBY, sci-fi chiller DARK SKIES, Dreamworks’ animated/comedy THE CROODS and two woeful Wayans parody posters for A HAUNTED HOUSE. Now we have even more!

First up we have another alternative design for OLDBOY director Chan-wook Park’s fascinatingly dark and complex thriller STOKER. The film is headlined by Mia Wasikowska as a young girl dealing with the death of her father, who soon becomes obsessed with a recently arrived Uncle Charlie, played by Matthew Goode.


Next up is Steven Soderberg’s SIDE EFFECTS, which sees Rooney Mara struggle to deal with the prison release of her husband (Channing Tatum), turning to a mystery prescription drug to cope with her anxiety – provided by sinister doctor Jude Law.


Director Walter Hill is back on the big-screen, bringing with him a vengeance-fuelled action-thriller starring Sylvester Stallone and Jason Momoa. This is the UK quad that features the same image from the US one-sheet we brought late last week.


50/50’s Jonathan Levine is the man behind romantic comic-horror WARM BODIES. The film stars rising Brit Nicholas Hoult as a member of the walking dead that begins to discover all may not be lost after falling for Teresa Palmer’s human blonde beauty. Check out this new international new poster


Finally we have duo of designs for duelling madcap magicians played by Steve Carell and Jim Carrey with THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE. Don Scardino directs the comedy co-starring a great supporting cast of Olivia Wilde, Steve Buscemi, Alan Arkin and James Gandolfini.



Source: FandangoWarner BrosBlogbusters, ET

Craig was our great north east correspondent, proving that it’s so ‘grim up north’ that losing yourself in a world of film is a foregone prerequisite. He has been studying the best (and often worst) of both classic and modern cinema at the University of Life for as long as he can remember. Craig’s favorite films include THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, JFK, GOODFELLAS, SCARFACE, and most of John Carpenter’s early work, particularly THE THING and HALLOWEEN.

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