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Homeland Season 2 Blog: Episode 2.10 Broken Hearts •SPOILERS•

by Sam Carey

Director: Guy Ferland

Writer: Henry Bromell

Breakdown: Saul disrupts Dar Adal’s breakfast and learns that Quinn is a black ops agent working for Estes. In Jess and the kid’s safe house her and Mike have a little smooch before Brody returns. A tense atmosphere ensues only broken by Brody receiving a call from Carrie. After a little flirting they both hang up and Carrie’s car is hit from the side.

Estes debriefs the team on their capture of most of the threat, concluding with a rallying call to stop and kill Nazir. Saul confronts Estes about Quinn resulting in Estes getting very angry before Quinn interjects with news of Carrie’s accident and disappearance.

Finn Walden requests to meet with Dana who reluctantly agrees as Brody gets a call from Nazir who is holding Carrie. In exchange for Brody’s co-operation – he is to get into VP Walden’s office and obtain the serial number for his pacemaker – Nazir guarantees Carrie will be released alive. Agreeing Brody heads to Carrington.

Finn visits Dana in a futile attempt to win her back with a sob story of guilt and remorse. Dana rebuffs his pleas, whilst at the CIA Virgil and Saul have located Nazir’s vehicle but do not know the current location.

Nazir and Carrie discuss Nazir’s motives – Allah – and Carrie calls him a terrorist numerous times. Brody arrives at Carrington and, under the false pretence of a bathroom trip, gets into Walden’s office. Having located the serial number to his pacemaker Brody calls Nazir, advising he’ll send the number upon visual confirmation Carrie has been released. Reluctantly Nazir agrees and shows Carrie running away from the site, true to his word Brody texts Nazir the number, who subsequently forwards it onto an unknown man. In Walden’s office, just as Brody puts away the evidence, the Vice President walks in. Asking what Brody wanted he advises he no longer wishes to be Walden’s running mate for family reasons, an angry Walden fires back ‘fuck your family’. As he begins to struggle with his chest Brody advises him it isn’t his family, it is because he hates him, and everything he stands for. As Walden worsens Brody refuses to call a doctor and Walden goes unconscious. Cut to Nazir who gets a call from the unknown man to confirm Walden is dead.

Carrie, looking for a ride, stops a truck and uses the drivers cell phone to call Saul and inform of her location and predicament. As Saul, Quinn, and a returning Danny Galvez head out of CIA HQ Saul is stopped with a request to go upstairs for a ‘few questions’. Angrily Saul agrees and asks security to call Estes, they inform him he is aware.

Carrie is shown back at Nazir’s location, lead pipe in hand heading into the darkness. Fade to black.

Opinion On Episode: In much the same way the first series did, episode 2.10 drips us information. There is no big reveal in this episode, yes, Nazir bribes Brody and Walden is killed but it is the consequences we await with baited breath. Curiously quiet on the Quinn front also, however his and Danny’s journey to Carrie will be most interesting, as will his actions upon arrival – could Estes want Carrie and Brody out the picture as soon as Nazir is dead?

The reemergence of Finn and Dana’s relationship is excellent, and lead nicely into Walden’s death. Undoubtedly the paranoid Finn will put two and two together after Dana’s disgust at his Dad’s pay-off following the accident.

Jess and Mike continue there near two season long love affair, and provide the one dry point in this episode, feeling very tacked on and ineffective.

What Will Happen Next? The fallout from Walden’s passing will be the main focus. Finn’s afore mentioned paranoia will make him right, but who will believe him? No one is my guess, after all he’s just a love struck teen. Carrie’s situation is perilous: is Nazir still there? What will Quinn do when he arrives? How will Saul get out of CIA HQ? Too many questions but at a guess I’d say: yes Nazir is there, Quinn will ‘accidentally’ shoot Carrie, and Saul won’t get out the CIA, Estes will hold him there and possibly fire him.

Rating: 4/5. An episode to build towards the finale, but still a very fine effort. Walden’s death is a genuine surprise, and Brody’s actions make 2.11 unmissable.

Whatever happens be sure to keep it THN for the penultimate episode

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