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Is This The Best ‘Django Unchained’ Poster Yet?

by Craig Hunter

Quentin Tarantino’s DJANGO UNCHAINED has to be one of the few films left this year to genuinely have most film fans, buffs, and critics excited. The film sees Jamie Foxx headline as a recently released slave, who teams up with bounty hunting dentist (INGLORIOUS BASTERDS’ Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz) to bring down slave traders across the country. Foxx’s Django however, has his eye set on ruthless plantation owner Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio) who has acquired Django’s wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington).

All the footage and promo posters we’ve seen so far have been pretty special but could this latest poster be the best one yet? We think so…

DJANGO UNCHAINED will be released in cinemas in the US on the 25th December, although we here in the UK have to wait a further few weeks for the 18th January 2013. The film co-stars Don Johnson, Jonah Hill, Samuel L. Jackson, Amber Tamblyn, Dennis Christopher, Tom Savini, Michael Parks, Walton Goggins and James Remar.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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