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New Clip Released From Russo-Young’s ‘Nobody Walks’

by Jazmine Sky Bradley

When I originally saw the trailer for Ry Russo-Young’s NOBODY WALKS, I was instantly hooked. The almost sensual use of sound, the brilliant cinematography and the fact it stars John Krasinski (THE OFFICE), Olivia Thirlby (DREDD 3D) and Rosemarie DeWitt (YOUR SISTER’S SISTER) have solidified this as a ‘Must See’ for me. Since the film was released in the US yesterday, we have a new clip to show you!

Thirlby stars as Martine, a young filmmaker who goes to stay with Peter (Krasinski) and his hip, Southern Californian family, as he helps her complete the sound construction on her latest art-film. However, things become tense as an obvious attraction starts to surface and ruptures the family dynamic. Co-written by Lena Dunham (TINY FURNITURE, GIRLS), the clip below shows Peter confronting Martine about their unconventional friendship.

As I said, NOBODY WALKS was released yesterday over in America. Unfortunately, there isn’t a current scheduled release date for old Blighty, but hopefully we’ll get it soon!

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