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Everything Really Is Connected In This New Poster For ‘Cloud Atlas’

by Craig Hunter

I’m certainly not familiar with David Mitchell’s best-selling novel CLOUD ATLAS, but after seeing the 8 minute trailer for the big-screen adaptation, I thought the upcoming film looked both epic and eye-rolling. With THE MATRIX duo of Lana and Andy Wachowski collaborating with RUN LOLA RUN and PERFUME’s Tom Tykwer, we’re hoping the all-star science-fiction fantasy adventure will be fascinating rather than forgettable.

Currently, early word on screenings at this years Toronto International Film Festival are extremely positive and bordering on revelatory. We’re certainly hoping for a greatness once the film is released. However, we’ve recently learnt that the UK release has moved from late October to 22nd March 2013!

We have a sneak peek at the first official poster design (although we have had teaser posters) which looks lovely, as it attempts to squeeze in as many characters/actors from the film as possible.


Source: Alex Billington

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