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Pacino To Play Paterno In New Sport/Scandal Biopic

by Craig Hunter

The legendary Al Pacino will play the equally legendary (and now also infamous) American football coach Joe Paterno in a biopic that will chronicle the larger-than-life character’s rise and ultimate fall from grace. Paterno’s life was one decorated with accolades and Hall Of Fame status after over 40 years in charge of Pennsylvania State, a position he held from 1966-2011. It was later one of shame and humiliation after it was exposed Paterno covered up child-sex crimes involving his assistant couch Jerry Sandusky, for which he was later fired.

A role like this is not exactly ‘alien’ to Pacino after starring in Oliver Stone’s brilliantly brutal football drama ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, in which his played live-wire coach Tony D’Amato. However, it’s a bold, if risky career choice considering the man he will portray’s latter controversial revelations. The film, currently entitled PATERNO, will be based on the biography by Joe Posnanski. Joe Paterno later died of lung-cancer, aged 85.

Source: Deadline

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