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Doug Liman To Direct ‘Time And Again’ Adaptation

THE BOURNE IDENTITY (2002) director Doug Liman is now attached to take control of an adaptation of the illustrated novel TIME AND AGAIN, written by Jack Finney. The novel sees Simon Morley, a sketch artist, is hired by the government to partake in an experiment to see if people can self hypnotise themselves to believing they are in the past. Are they really able to travel to the past, and can it help to solve mysteries from 1882, the year Simon arrives in.

The plot is very interesting and has me aching to read the book. Liman is a very competent director and excels at times, especially with the likes of SWINGERS (1996), GO (1999), and THE BOURNE IDENTITY (2002). However some of his more recent efforts have been a bit hit and miss with MR. AND MRS. SMITH (2005), and JUMPER (2008).

Source: Variety

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1 Comment

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