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Grease Is The Word For Upcoming Future Cinema Event – Book Now!

Grease really is the word as the Future Cinema, the creators of Secret Cinema, brings the iconic teen musical movie sensation to London this September. For three days only, between 7th and 9th September, a secret outdoor London location will be transformed into the halls of Rydell High School, the fun fairs of Southern California and the drive-in movie music and nostalgic romance of the 1950s.

Reliving those Summer nights across one weekend, successful school applicants will become Pink Ladies and T-Birds and join the beachside community. Audiences will lose themselves in the world of this cult-classic film and become a beloved character – Sandy, Danny, Rizzo or Kenickie …

Going back to the 50s, our budding T-Birds are invited to don the leathers and slick back the hair, while the gals should come appropriately attired in pink satin jackets and teased coifs. To get involved, audiences will need to register at the Rydell High school admission office from today, at 13.00 in order to join their team. How? Click the link!

Recently THN, were lucky enough to attend an amazing event arranged by this incredible team and you can read all about that, right here. Also, last year, in partnership with California Tourism, Future Cinema presented “The Lost Boys” and “Top Gun”. Over 8,000 helped to transform the docks of Canary Wharf into the boardwalks of Santa Cruz and San Diego California, and dressed as their favourite Frog Brother or Naval Officer. An anthemic sing-along of “Thou Shall Not Fail” and “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” concluded both sunny September evenings making it the biggest cinematic event of the year.

So, what are you waiting for? Bookmark away or simply go and register with the Rydell High School Admissions Office from 1pm today, Please visit:

Hope you enjoy!!

Dan loves writing, film, music and photography. Originally from Devon, he did London for 4 years and now resides in Exeter. He also has a mild obsession with squirrels and cake. The latter being more of a hobby. Favourite movies include HIGH FIDELITY, ALMOST FAMOUS, ROXANNE, GOOD WILL HUNTING, JURASSIC PARK, too many Steve Martin films and Nolan's BATMAN universe. He can also be found on

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