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Vince Vaughn Joins ‘Gunslingers’ For New Regency

Do you remember when Vince Vaughn used to make films that didn’t involve him being a smug fool? I do, but sadly it doesn’t look likely those days will return any time soon as he’s signed up for GUNSLINGERS for New Regency. The film will apparently see a mish-mash of historical characters battling in modern-day LA – sounds fun, no? Well let’s up the ante a little by revealing it will be scripted by Randall Wallace of BRAVEHEART and PEARL HARBOUR fame – subtlety need not apply. But hey, at least this will be intentionally historically inaccurate!

Source: Collider

Sam is a bloody lovely lad born and raised in Bristol (he’s still there and can’t escape). Favourite films include THE LOST BOYS, DRIVE, FIGHT CLUB and COMMANDO, well pretty much any 1980s Arnie film you can throw his way…even RED SONJA. Sam once cancelled a Total Film subscription after they slagged off Teen Wolf. He resubscribed 2 days later.

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