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‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Dominates The US Box Office

Well, it’s not going to surprise anyone but THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN has swung (sorry) its way to the top of the US Box Office on its first week of release with total takings of $140 million, of which $65 million was spent on the weekend; the figure – whilst good – is below other Spidey installments but given the rebooted nature of the film I’m sure Sony will be happy, particularly as word is it has taken $341 million worldwide. Elsewhere in the chart TED dropped to number 2 with a very healthy $32 million, whilst Oliver Stones SAVAGES opened at 4 with $16.1 million and KATY PERRY: PART OF ME 3D produced a paltry $7.15 million for the weekend totaling $10.2 million since release slotting in at number 8; meanwhile MAGIC MIKE had a huge drop off of about 70% from last week but has taken $72 million in two weeks.

What’s your view on how Marc Webb’s reboot has performed and what of TED? We knew it would do okay but is it exceeding expectations? Let us know your thoughts…on film, or anything else, if you like!

Source: Collider

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