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Casey Affleck To Direct Baseball Biopic

Although I don’t know anything about the game itself (other that it’s basically rounders on a bigger stage), I’ve always found baseball fascinating to the plot or as backdrop for many films and most recently, with the Oscar-nominated MONEYBALL. Perhaps it’s the romance of the sport or the passion that the characters and fans bring to the field. Tales of underdogs or the greats of the game, have made for some iconic and brilliant features. Robert Redford-starring THE NATURAL is a particular favourite along with the likes of A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN, EIGHT MEN OUT and of course the unforgettable FIELD OF DREAMS.

It appears actor/director Casey Affleck will attempt to bring the roller-coaster life of Josh Hamilton to the big-screen. Hamilton, who at the tender age of 15 became a one-to-watch for his ability to throw the ball, nearly 100mph, was cherry picked by Tampa Bay Devil Rays. His blossoming career appeared to be cut short after a serious accident caused his downward spiral into the world of drink and drugs. His subsequent rehab and religious faith put him back on the road to success when he returned to the Major League Baseball in 2007.

It will be interesting to see if Casey Affleck can follow in his brother Ben’s footsteps, in making riveting, acclaimed efforts. His first, the faux-documentary I’M STILL HERE starring Joaquin Phoenix, was a critical and commercial disaster. Posing the question of Hamilton’s biopic – If he directs it…Will they come?

Source: Collider

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