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Unreal Vanity Fair Photo Celebrating Paramount’s 100th Anniversary

Vanity Fair have released an extraordinary photograph by Art Streiber to commemorate Paramount Pictures’ 100th anniversary. It includes 116 stars, directors, producers and suits from Paramount’s biggest hits. And Justin Bieber.

It says a lot about the pulling power of Vanity Fair that they could get such legends in one room at the same time. And Justin Bieber. With so many cinematic icons together at once (Spielberg, Scorsese, Cruise, Portman, Streep, Ford, Moore, Clooney, etc), it’s not surprising to hear cries of ‘PHOTOSHOPPED!’ around the internet. Maybe it is, maybe Simon Pegg was never really sat between De Niro and Kirk Douglas and that’s why he looks so angry. Who knows (everyone in that photo, presumably). But in-keeping with the magic of cinema, particularly that of Paramount, let’s hope that this is as real as the grin on Nicholson’s face.

Don’t worry if it’s too small, click here to see a zoom-able version with captions, so you can get a closer look and identify the ones you don’t recognise. May I personally recommend Jamie Bell and Jamie Lee Curtis. Oh my. And we are wondering how Rosie Huntington-Whiteley got in there, but we suspect it’s a big F-U from Spielberg to Megan Fox. If so, we salute you, Mr Spielberg. Also on Vanity Fair’s site, you will find an accompanying piece by EASY RIDERS, RAGING BULLS author Peter Biskind, giving a brief history of the studio and the featured players.

Despite the slight aroma of Photoshop, it’s still great to see so many cool people being celebrated in such a classy fashion. And Justin Bieber.

Source: Vanity Fair

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